Younglings is an intense, deep immersive experience into the building of a space exploration mission. This program is designed to be hands-on, giving students an understanding of the magic of outer space, to sit an actual mission command centre, drive a rover on a simulated lunar surface and many more such once in a lifetime experiences. ​

The program gives you a deep dive into various sub-systems like propulsion, structures, mission guidance, flight dynamics​


At TeamIndus Foundation, nothing makes us happier than seeing a young mind explore the vastness of space. That’s why we created Younglings, a hands-on student program, to give aspirations meaningful direction. As a part of the program, students between the ages 12-18 are given the opportunity to work at the TeamIndus office and undergo an immersive learning experience. A few components to the Younglings experience are:

In-depth orientation to the TeamIndus moon mission

In-depth orientation to the TeamIndus moon mission

Outreach work with the TeamIndus marketing team
Work on the Foundation’s other programs
The push to innovate and think big!


“I joined TeamIndus because of my intense curiosity to delve into the intricacies of rocket science. As we went through the three-day presentation of the subsystems at TeamIndus, wandering questions found answers from experts. I not only grasped the most difficult scientific concepts but also made lifelong friends. As we went to our respective subsystems these interactions, rigorous work, hours of thinking, and infinite minutes of learning, molded me into a more curious and intelligent person. Coming as an outstation intern and living on my own for a month inculcated some vital life values which I will treasure. My experience at TeamIndus has been wonderful and I hope to learn more”

– Harsh Gupta, Youngling (June, 2017)

“I had read about TeamIndus in several newspapers and knew that this was the place where I could find answers to all of my questions…. I began my final project and worked very hard to produce the best possible solution to the problem statement. Each day, I would design several algorithms and present them to my mentor…. This solution would help him in designing the final mission. It has been a truly exciting and humbling experience at TeamIndus. I wish to share my experience with as many people as I can and spread the word about this wonderful mission.”

– Manan Goenka, Youngling (June, 2017)

“I recently went for the summer internship program at Team INDUS. I really enjoyed the session as it boosted my existing passion for space to a large extent. I realized that there are people from different fields and a lot of hard work is put in from each, just to send a small rover to the moon. My favorite session was the session on aerodynamics & propulsion and the session where we did a realistic rover mission on the moon, with two teams. I was able to solve a lot of doubts and questions I had had in mind for a long time, which I couldn’t get answers of from anywhere else.”

“The main lesson I learned from this workshop is that we need to know the basics of each subject to solve complex problems such as building a rover. I would really recommend this program to other students too.“

Robin Roy, Inventure Academy,Grade-12, May 2019 Younglings

This internship turned out to be one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life. It has given me fresh perspective on what I might pursue in the future and opened my future academic career to new possibilities.​

– Aditya Ramji, Greenwood High School, Grade 12 , June 2019 Younglings​






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